Perception - Spacecraft Interface


Perception, an animation firm in New York City, asked me to create user experience design concepts for a prominent aerospace engineering firm. 

The goal was to create an intuitive touch screen interface for astronauts, providing feedback across four primary areas: Life support, navigation, mission timeline, and hardware status.


I worked with the Creative Director at Perception on discovery, research, interface and interaction requirements, and initial sketching.

I then created wireframes for the primary dashboard and secondary interaction states. 


Multiple dashboard concepts and interactions for a spacecraft interface.


The project had numerous challenges centered around the complexity of providing an intuitive experience to the end user - astronauts. The limitations of the environment in which the interface is used - a spaceship, the tie-in to physical hardware, and big, clunky gloves worn by astronauts provided the backdrop for the interface requirements and design. 

Below is a sample of the designs created.