Build on the Go



Build On The Go is a task and project management app for the construction industry. Its aim is to coordinate and simplify the management of construction projects. I was hired to create user experience designs and a clickable prototype for the app.


Build On The Go came to us with the intention of creating a complete set of wireframes and a clickable prototype to inform design and development of the app. The app is currently being developed as a hybrid HTML5/native app that will work across all mobile devices and desktop computers. 

The team at Build On The Go has 10+ years experience in the construction industry and is well-informed about user needs and the complications that currently exist in managing construction projects. Typically, projects are managed with phone calls and text messages, making it difficult to coordinate multiple workers across multiple projects.


The goal was to create a simple, intuitive interface focused on four key areas: Project management, Task Management, Team Management and Photo based notifications. The app needed to provide insights into key metrics such as "slippage", showing when a project is behind and what tasks are causing delays, as well as a method to provide photo based notifications showing tasks that needed to be completed and those that were completed.


I worked with the Build On The Go team to determine the required primary user tasks and actions. We created multiple user flows detailing the paths user would take when accomplishing these tasks and actions. The user flows helped inform design and interface decisions, as well as providing a functionality roadmap for the development team. Below is a sample of the user flows created. 



The final deliverables consisted of 40+ individual screens that were then used to create a clickable prototype. We worked with Build On The Go to ensure a feature set that was common to every day construction tasks, while providing easy methods for workers to assign and complete tasks.

A key feature of the app is the ability to approve or not approve a task based on a photo upload of the completed task. This feature provides a way for both contractors and workers to manage tasks without having to be "on-site" to check everything. 

Below is a sample of the designs created.